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2017 Davis Industries, Inc.  

Cleveland, Ohio USA


Manufacturers of Conveyor & Automation Products. Distributors & Manufacturers of  Power Transmission Equipment.

Power Transmission Products include;

ANSI Standard Roller Chain; Double Pitch Roller Chain; Stainless Roller Chain; Engineered Class Chain; Drag Chain; Detachable Chain; Pintle Chain; Combination Chain; Rivetless, Drop-Forged Chain; Cast Sprockets; Standard Metric Roller Chain; Metric Leaf Chain; European PIV Chain; European Type Silent Chain; Metric Steel Sprockets; Metric Gears; Metric Synchronous Belts; Flat Wire Belting; Chain Driven Mesh Belting; Wire Mesh Belting; 1/5 thru 250 HP Motors; Sub-fractional Gear Motors; Servo Motors and Controls; AC Inverters; DC Controllers; Overload Safety Clutches; Torque Limiting Couplings; Worm Gear Speed Reducers; Made-to-Order Sheaves, Sprockets, & Gears; Custom Drives; Conveyor Components, Pulleys, Bearings, and Shafting; Conveyor Belting, PVC Belting, Urethane Belting,  Leather Belting, Rubber Belting, Wire Mesh Belting, Flat Wire Belting, Plastic Belting, Nylon Belting, Food Handling Belting, and Elevator Belting; Custom Drives; Conveyor Components, Pulleys, Bearings, and Shafting; Transmission Belting, Bevel Drives; Ratio Multipliers; In-Line Speed Reducers; Industry Standard Modular; SBR Precision Roller Chain; ANSI Standard Roller Chain; Attachment Chain; Leaf Chain; Motors: Sub-Fractional to 350 HP; AC, DC & Wattsaver; IEC Metric Motors; Inverter Duty Motors; AC Inverters; DC Controllers; Silent Chain & Sprockets; Flexible Couplings; ANSI Precision Roller Chain; Attachments for Conveyor & Transmission Chain; Electronic Overload Relays; Stock & Made-to-Order Sprockets; Multiple Strand Sprockets; Flame Cut Sprockets; Shear Pin Sprockets; Conventional V-Belting AP, BP, CP, DP; Cog Series V-Belting-AX, BX, CX, DX; Narrow V-Belting- 3VX, 5VX, 8VX; FHP Belting 3L, 4L, 5L; Timing Drives XL, L, H, XH, XXH; HTD, RPP, HPR- High Torque Drives; Mechanical Variable Speed Drives; Shaft Couplings; Sheaves & Bushings; Etrac-Ultrac AC Control Inverters. Davis is pleased to offer products manufactured by the following companies; Peer Chain; Dalton Gear Company; Grove Gear; Hitachi Maxco; Leeson Electric Corporation; US Tsubaki, UST; and TB Woods.

Conveyor and Automation Products include;
Scrap, Chip, and Parts Handling Conveyors; Parts Elevators, Feeders, Dumpers, and Quench Tanks. Parts Sorting, Counting, and Orientation and related Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electrical Systems integration. Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Fabrications.  Apron Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Drag Chain Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Rubber Belt Conveyors, Chip Conveyors, Drag Conveyors, Material Handling Conveyors, Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors, Parts Conveyors, Manufactured to Order Conveyors, Custom Conveyors, Made-to-Order Conveyors, Steel Belt Conveyors, Special Conveyors, Scrap Handling Conveyors, Magnetic Conveyors, Special Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Packaging Conveyors, Factory Automation Equipment, Feeder Conveyors, Metal Pan Conveyors, Parts Feeders, Elevating & Conveying Machinery, Conveyor Belting & Belts, & Conveyor Systems.