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Power Transmission Products

AC & DC Motors

 AC Inverters

 Attachment Chain


Conveyor Belting

Bevel Gear Reducers

 Worm Gear Reducers

Helical Gear Reducers

Chain Driven Wire Mesh Belting

Cog Series V-Belting

 Combination Chain

 Conventional V-Belting

DC Controllers

Detachable Chain

Double Pitch Roller Chain

Drag Chain

Engineered Class Chain

FHP Belting

Flame Cut Sprockets

Flat Wire Belting

Flexible Couplings

HTD-High Torque Drives

 IEC Metric Motors

 In-Line Speed Reducers

 Inverter Duty Motors

Leaf Chain

 Made-to-Order Sheaves, Sprockets, & Gears

Mechanical Variable Speed Drives

Metric Sprockets

Narrow V-Belting

Overload Safety Devices

Pintle Chain

Rivetless, Drop-Forged Chain

Shaft Couplings

Shear Pin Sprockets

 Sheaves & Bushings

Silent Chain & Sprockets

 Stainless Roller Chain

Metric Roller Chain

Stock & Made-to-Order Sprockets

Timing Drives

 Torque Limiting Couplings

Wire Mesh Belting



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Distributors & Manufacturers of Power Transmission Equipment.
Power Transmission Products include; ANSI Standard Roller Chain; Double Pitch Roller Chain; Stainless Roller Chain; Engineered Class Chain; Drag Chain; Detachable Chain; Pintle Chain; Combination Chain; Rivetless, Drop-Forged Chain; Cast Sprockets; Standard Metric Roller Chain; Metric Leaf Chain; European PIV Chain; European Type Silent Chain; Metric Steel Sprockets; Metric Gears; Metric Synchronous Belts; Flat Wire Belting; Chain Driven Mesh Belting; Wire Mesh Belting; 1/5 thru 250 HP Motors; Sub-fractional Gear Motors; Servo Motors and Controls; AC Inverters; DC Controllers; Overload Safety Clutches; Torque Limiting Couplings; Worm Gear Speed Reducers; Made-to-Order Sheaves, Sprockets, & Gears; Custom Drives; Conveyor Components, Pulleys, Bearings, and Shafting; Conveyor Belting, PVC Belting, Urethane Belting, Leather Belting, Rubber Belting, Wire Mesh Belting, Flat Wire Belting, Plastic Belting, Nylon Belting, Food Handling Belting, and Elevator Belting; Custom Drives; Conveyor Components, Pulleys, Bearings, and Shafting; Transmission Belting, Bevel Drives; Ratio Multipliers; In-Line Speed Reducers; Industry Standard Modular; SBR Precision Roller Chain; ANSI Standard Roller Chain; Attachment Chain; Leaf Chain; Motors: Sub-Fractional to 350 HP; AC, DC & Wattsaver; IEC Metric Motors; Inverter Duty Motors; AC Inverters; DC Controllers; Silent Chain & Sprockets; Flexible Couplings; ANSI Precision Roller Chain; Attachments for Conveyor & Transmission Chain; Electronic Overload Relays; Stock & Made-to-Order Sprockets; Multiple Strand Sprockets; Flame Cut Sprockets; Shear Pin Sprockets; Conventional V-Belting AP, BP, CP, DP; Cog Series V-Belting-AX, BX, CX, DX; Narrow V-Belting- 3VX, 5VX, 8VX; FHP Belting 3L, 4L, 5L; Timing Drives XL, L, H, XH, XXH; HTD, RPP, HPR- High Torque Drives; Mechanical Variable Speed Drives; Shaft Couplings; Sheaves & Bushings & Etrac-Ultrac AC Control Inverters. Davis is pleased to offer products manufactured by the following companies; Allied-Locke Industries; Moline Chain; American Metric Corporation; Cambridge Wire Belt; Baldor Electric Company; Dalton Gear Company; Grove Gear; Hitachi Maxco; Leeson Electric Corporation; US Tsubaki, UST; and TB Wood's.